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Young girl receiving COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccinating your child against COVID-19 – separated families

Vaccinating your child, or not, is a decision which becomes even more complex where separated parents hold differing views. PLEASE NOTE THE INFORMATION PRESENTED IN THIS ARTICLE IS DESIGNED TO ASSIST IN SHOWING THE ATTITUDE OF THE COURTS IN THIS SITUATION ONLY. When parents can't agree about vaccinating their child/ren ...
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Help us save The Children’s Sanctuary

Not so far away from Townsville, there are children living in extreme poverty. These Cambodian children have no safe place to sleep, barely any clothes, food or clean water and no access to healthcare or education. They live in the darkest and most dangerous of environments imaginable for children and ...
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Love leads to conveyancing legend

He's a stalwart of the industry but Mark Spiegelhauer's career, that's now etched into Townsville conveyancing legend, might not ever have happened if not for falling in love. Conveyancing in Townsville will never quite be the same again after the retirement of industry stalwart, and all-round good guy, Mark Spiegelhauer ...
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Reporting child sexual abuse – the law

Failure to report now a criminal offence Reporting child sexual abuse - changes to the Queensland Criminal Code to better protect children from sexual abuse Section 229BC of the Criminal Code (Qld) now makes it an offence for an adult to fail to report information to police about child sexual ...
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Keta Roseby Workplace Lawyer

COVID-19 and the workplace – FAQs

COVID-19 and the workplace have provided a constant source of change over 12 months for both employers and employees. We’ve put together some FAQs to help you navigate this ever-changing landscape in the workplace. Your questions around payment of employees, mandatory testing and vaccination and more are answered below. Lockdown ...
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