Buying or selling a house, unit or vacant land can be an exciting time, yet also can be time-consuming, stressful and a potential minefield of legal issues. We welcome the opportunity to represent your interests with fixed-fee quotes and tailored services that meet your needs.

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By working with you throughout the purchase or sale, preparing needed documentation, and conducting the settlement process, Purcell Taylor Lawyers ensures your transaction goes smoothly from beginning to end. We have a very experienced conveyancing team who are ready to assist you.


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Conveyancing is a name most commonly used for the transfer of property, retail, commercial or rural from a seller to a buyer.

When you buy or sell a property it can be one of the largest financial transactions in your life. This transaction is governed by a number of rules, regulations and legislation. The consequences of making an error can be costly both financially and emotionally.

In Queensland only qualified legal firms are entitled to charge for undertaking a conveyance on behalf of a client.

In Queensland conveyancing differs from other states in Australia. In Queensland the buyer and seller of a property are bound contractually (subject to specific terms and conditions) immediately after a Contract of Sale is signed by both parties. To provide the buyer with some legal protection a statutory (cooling off period) and disclosure requirements have been established under the Property and Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (PAMDA). A cooling offer period is the buyers right of property to cancel, withdraw the contract for any reason within five (5) working days from the date the accepted contract is returned signed to the buyer.

Once you have made a decision to buy or sell your property you should immediately engage the services of a conveyancing solicitor.

Often there will be special conditions to your contract and even if these terms are of benefit to you you should ensure that the wording is correct and achieve the intended result. It is advisable that you contact a lawyer and obtain advice prior to signing a Contract For Sale.

After the Form 1 Transfer has been lodged for registration following settlement, the local council, public utilities, the valuer general and the office of state revenue are automatically notified of the purchase.

Other provides such as the phone and electricity suppliers will need to be notified by the buyer.

Settlement is the finalization of the sale or purchase of the property.

On settlement the seller will:-

  1. Discharge any mortgage they have with their financiers and deliver all documents to the buyers representative including a mortgage release document;
  2. The financier then checks the documents and delivers them to the buyers financier;
  3. The buyers financier will advance the funds to enable the purchase to be complete.

The real estate agents are authorized by both parties to release the deposit monies and deliver the keys to the new purchaser which often occurs at settlement.

Costs of conveyance are normally a set fee for a purchase and a sale of a property.  Contact your conveyancing solicitor to obtain a quote.  In addition to the conveyancing solicitors fees additional costs may apply including:-

  1. Lender fees;
  2. Inspection fees;
  3. Insurance;
  4. Relocation costs;
  5. Real estate agent commission fees; and
  6. Any search fees on the property
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